Family of Brands:
Key Milestones in development & Global Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Livestream signing ceremony with ZF for Wolong-zf joint venture to produce EV motor and components for the world market

  • Acquisition of General Electric's Small Industrial Motors Business. Design to any global standard and certification due to our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience

  • New plant in Vietnam has been founded,implementing regional manufacturing, regional service

  • Mergers and acquisitions Rongxin transmission $60M

  • Successfully acquired and merged Nanyang Explosion-proof Group Co., Ltd., and changed the establishment of Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion-proof Group Co., Ltd., which is the largest and most comprehensive HV motor manufacturer in China

  • Wolong Electric Group successfully acquired Italian OLI company

  • Wolong Holding Group and Export-Import Bank Zhejiang Branch signed a 10 billion strategic cooperation agreement

  • Acquisition of Italian SIR Robotics Application Company

  • Wolong successfully held its 30th anniversary celebration: China Zhizhi Summit Forum, Celebration Gala, and the 5th Staff Games

  • Acquisition of Zhangqiu Haier Motor Co., Ltd., change to establish Wolong Electric Zhangqiu Haier Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong Electric and Kaishan Co., Ltd. jointly established Kaishan Motor Co., Ltd.

  • The new products of Wolong UHV transformer passed the national product appraisal successfully.

  • The 500kV ultra-high voltage intelligent auto-coupling power transformer has passed the test of the whole process of the national testing center to fill the blank of the ultra-high voltage transformer field in Zhejiang Province.

  • Acquired Jiangsu Qingjiang Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Midea, and changed the establishment of Wolong Electric Huai'an Qingjiang Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong Japan Research Institute was established in Osaka, Japan.

  • Synergy with ATB Group opened a new momentum. ATB Group's sales grew steadily, profit growth rate ranked the top in Wolong manufacturing, and led to a new growth point of Wolong Motor manufacturing

  • Wolong Electric Group's high-efficiency and energy-saving motor market ranks first in the same industry in the country

  • The photovoltaic single-phase grid-connected inverter developed by Wolong Electric Research Institute passed the Australian BV certification, and brought photovoltaic inverters and other products to the SNEC 6th International Solar Photovoltaic Conference and Shanghai Exhibition.

  • Wolong BROOK Motor Division successfully developed electric vehicle motor

  • Mantovani Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed new concrete crushing and crushing pliers

  • Wolong acquired 97.94% shares of ATB Group—the third largest motor manufacturer in Europe.

  • Wolong merged Shandong Yantai Dongyuan Transformer Co., Ltd, and renamed it as Wolong Electric Yantai Dongyuan Transformer Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong founded a Sino-foreign joint venture company—Zhejiang Mantovani Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong invested to found Zhejiang Wolong Transformer Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong merged Beijing Huatai Transformer Co., Ltd, and renamed it as Wolong Electric Beijing Huatai Transformer Co., Ltd.

  • Through share acquisition, asset swap of Heilongjiang Mudanjiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd, Wolong achieved the listing of Wolong Real Estate, under the stock code 600173.

  • Wolong founded a Sino-foreign joint venture company—Zhejiang Wolong Stirring Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong formulated and implemented “Development Strategic Plan of Wolong Holding Group 2006-2010”.

  • Zhejiang Wolong Technology Co., Ltd was officially renamed as Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd. 

  • Wolong merged Yingchuan Transformer, and renamed it as Wolong Electric Yinchuan Transformer Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong launched the reserve talents (leader) cultivating project to expand its professional talent pool.  

  • Wolong implemented OA system.

  • Wolong deployed to build group’s three basic framework strategies of manufacturing, real estate, and financial investment.

  • Wolong founded the joint venture company Zhejiang Wolong Home Appliance Motor Co., Ltd with Panasonic Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong acquired Wuhan Hubei Motor General Factory and renamed it as Wuhan Wolong Hubei Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd was renamed as Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong issued its new Enterprise Spirit: “Sincerity·Harmony·Creativity”.

  • Wolong set up its Post-Doctoral Research Center with the approval of State Personnel Board.

  • On June 6th, Wolong Technology’s shares were issued. The stock code is 600580.

  • Wolong was restructured as Zhejiang Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong acquired Zhejiang Dengta Storage Battery Co., Ltd and renamed it as Zhejiang Wolong Dengta Battery Co., Ltd.

  • Wolong Technology Co., Ltd moved into the period of coaching for listing.

  • “6S” Management was fully implemented within all manufacturing entities.

  • Wolong founded Shaoxing Oli-Wolong Vibrating Machinery Co., Ltd as a joint venture with Oli Italy.

  • Wolong passed the ISO9002 Quality System Certification and gained the right of self-managed import and export which is a pass to the international market.

  • Zhejiang Wolong Group Co.,Ltd was established.

  • The company was named as “Wolong”. Shangyu Multi-speed Micro Motor Factory was renamed as Zhejiang Wolong Motor Industry Co.,Ltd.

  • Wolong founded Zhejiang Changlong Electric Co., Ltd as a joint venture with a Hong Kong firm.

  • Wolong founded Zhejiang Longchang Electric Co., Ltd as a joint venture with a Taiwanese firm.

  • Wolong motor’s trademark was registered.

  • The first generation products—JW Series motors were manufactured.

  • Wolong was founded.