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Our Chairman's Vision
Our Chairman's Vision

"Founded in 1984, based on more than thirty years of hard work, Wolong has developed into an international enterprise with total assets of nearly RMB 30 billion, annual sales revenue of RMB 35 billion, annual profit of RMB 2 billion; an industry portfolios with motors and drives as its core business flanked by real estate and financial investment. The continuous development and aggressive expansion of Wolong has not only composed the magnificent epic of reform, innovation, self-transcendence and pursuit, but also witnessed the glorious process from development to prosperity of private enterprise in China economy.
We sincerely appreciate the development opportunity granted to Wolong by the great age of reform and opening-up. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the care and supports offered by domestic and overseas investors, customers, suppliers, friends and government departments to Wolong; as well as to the loyalty and devotions of all Wolong employees.
With full commitment, enthusiasm and unrelenting efforts, Wolong will continue to inherit the fine tradition of Chinese nation, promotes the enterprising spirit of “defying all hardships and difficulties”; adhere to the operation principles of technology leadership, precision processes, offering good quality, first class services and satisfactory products to our global customers. We wish to provide more development opportunities to investors and other partners, and work hard continuously towards the economic prosperity, social progress and people’s happiness in the countries and regions where our enterprises are located!" 

Chairman:Chen Jiancheng