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“One Wolong One Dream”—The first GTTP ended successfully

Date | 2019.08.11

In order to strengthen Wolong's global cultural integration, let overseas management team integrate into the Wolong family, enhance their understanding and recognition of Wolong's strategic goals and corporate culture, strengthen their understanding of Wolong's management model and management methods, from July 27th to August 1, the Group's first Global Talent Training Program(GTTP) was held at the Group Headquarters. 35 Wolong people from 13 countries,15 overseas factories and units gathered in Shangyu, successfully completed the training activities through face-to-face courses, discussions,factory tours and Chinese cultural experience.


The training course was organized by the Wolong Management School.The students were selected from 4,500 overseas employees, including ATB Group, LDG, IDG, HAMG and International Sales Headquarters. At the opening ceremony, Ms. Jenny Chen, the Vice Chairman and President of Holding Group,first welcomed the students and introduced the development history of Wolong and the original intention of this project. She said that in the market environment where the macroscopic situation is becoming more and more complicated, if Wolong wants to be in the leading position in the global motor industry, and to achieve the strategic goal of the global motor No.1, we must continue the globalization process.

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                                                                            vice chairman and president,Ms. Jenny Chen

At present, Wolong has basically completed the global layout. The next step will be to promote technological synergy, manufacturing synergy and market synergy among the three regions of Europe, North America and Asia,to enhance the Group's international competitiveness. Jenny said that through this GTTP project, the overseas enterprise management team will better understand and implement Wolong’s strategic planning, management models and methods, and enhance the executionand response speed of overseas enterprises to the headquarters strategic decision-making, achieve the long-term goal of "Affordable, manageable and performed well” for M&A companies.


At the opening ceremony, Vice Chairman and President of Holding Group, Ms. Jenny Chen, Director of Holding Group, CEO of Wolong Electric and President of International Sales Headquarters, Mr. Douglas Pang, Senior Consultant of Chairman, Ms. Wang Caiping, and Student Representative Ms. Aleksandra Stankovic jointly unveiled the GTTP training project!

From July 29th to August 1st, all the students completed six training courses. CEO of Wolong Electric Group and President of International Sales Headquarters Mr. Douglas Pang, President of Global Research Centre, Dr. George Gao, Senior Consultant of Chairman, Ms. Wang Caiping, CFO of Wolong Electric Group and Secretary of the Board, Mr. Wu Jianbo, Director of the IT Department of Wolong Electric, Mr. Ma Hailin and General Manager of the Industrial Drive Division of IDG, Mr. Zhang Shuting gave lectures to the students.

During the training, the students also visited the Group products and history show rooms, EV Motor, Home appliance Motor, Oli Vibration Motor, Stamping Division and Industrial Motor Workshop to understand the current status of production management of all relevant units. In addition, Management School organized dumplings party, offered all the students a chance to visit Wolong staff family to experience Chinese culture, and to celebrate together with a farewell party.


Also, Office director of the Holding Group, Ms. Song Liying organized students to visit the provincial-level characteristic town in Shangyu District, namely the “E-tourtown”, to experience the innovation and quality of Shangyu City.


On August 1st, chairman of the holding group, Mr. Chen Jiancheng,  discussed with all the students and made aspeech on "Promoting the internationalization strategy and accelerating the multicultural integration.” Chairman Chen first briefly introduced China's economic and industrial development and the current condition of Wolong. In the first half of this year, the Group and its business units at all levels closely focused on the strategic goal of “Global Motor No.1” andfirmly insisted that “Making profit is the absolute principle, high quality and sustainable development is the absolute principle, all employees sharing the achievements of Wolong development is the absolute principle” . The overall business performance of the first half of the year has been basically completed, which greatly enhances our confidence in completing the annual budget!


Chairman Chen said that Wolong is a global enterprise. At present, it is mainly through the “Five major Unifications” of unified sales, unified procurement, unified factory operation, unified design and unified global IT to manage the global factories.

"I believe that this GTTP project is a milestone in the history of Wolong's overseas talent training and cultural integration process. It can promote the exchange and cooperation between Wolong headquarters and overseas subsidiaries. This is a training project that I strongly support.” Chairman Chen said that through the five-day project, the students can learn something from it, have a deeper understanding of China and Wolong culture, and have a more visual 

understanding of the policy and operation of Wolong headquarters.


At the symposium, all students expressed that the training provided them with the opportunity to understand and feel the Wolong culture on the spot, and deeply understand the development history and future vision of Wolong. Moreover, the intelligence and digitalization of the Wolong manufacturing plant has also impressed manystudents. They said that this is a true cultural integration and exchange. In the future, they will serve as “Cultural ambassadors” and strive to spread theWolong culture. Finally, Chairman Chen urged everyone to pass on what they learned at the group headquarters to every colleague around them after they return to their positions, and encourage them, influence them, lead them to breathe and develop together with Wolong!