Family of Brands:
Product Features
Power370-3300WMax. Speed1150r/min
Frequency50/60HzMax. Air flow35000m³/h
Supply voltageVAC1~200-277V, 3~380-480V±10%Mode of speed regulation 0-10V/PWM/RS485
Impeller materialAluminum alloy blade, Steel   wheel hub, Impeller   overall electrostatic sprayingImpeller size450, 500, 560, 630, 660, 710, 760, 800, 850, 900, 950mm
Insulation classFprotection  degreeIP55, IP66

Axial Fan Series

ATB-EC axial fan, this series of products driven by internal rotor EC motor, impeller bionic design, electrostatic spraying, protection level up to IP66, the products are highly efficient and energy saving, safe and reliable, widely used in condenser, commercial evaporator, cooling tower, heat pump, agriculture / animal husbandry and other industry fields.

Independent Research
The whole series of motor products are independently developed by the company
Complete Functions
It integrates analog 1-10V control, Digital signal input, Remote control and Serial port MODBUS monitoring functions
Safe and Stable
Multi-layer motor protection design, High protection motor structure, Mechanical strength simulation, Fluid simulation, Electromagnetic simulation
Wide Application
Condensers, Commercial evaporators, Cooling tower, Heat pumps, Agriculture / Animal husbandry and other industry fields