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Wolong Electric and Baosteel Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement!

Date | 2020.09.03


The golden autumn is refreshing, and the fruit fragrant. On September 2, Wolong Electric officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baosteel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Baowu, a Fortune 500 company. This is the second time Wolong has joined forces with the Fortune Global 500 to build a new platform for industrial cooperation and promote the win-win development of both parties following the joint venture signing with ZF Germany at the beginning of the year.

Jin Jinfu, deputy secretary of Shangyu district Party committee and acting district chief, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Xie Jin, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic Development Zone, Hu Baorong, vice governor of Shangyu district government, attended the ceremony. Zou Jixin, member of the Standing Committee of Baowu Party committee, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Baosteel Co., Ltd., Chen Jiancheng, chairman of Wolong holding group, and relevant leaders of enterprises of both sides, witnessed the new starting point of cooperation.


Silicon steel is one of the core materials for motors, and Baosteel is the world's leading modern steel conglomerate and the world's largest silicon steel manufacturing company. For a long time, Wolong and Baosteel have worked hand in hand to create a mutually beneficial, cooperative and win-win procurement and supply ecology, and made joint efforts for the sincere cooperation between upstream and downstream. At the ceremony, Pang Xinyuan, director of Wolong Holding Group and general manager of Wolong Electric Drive Group, reviewed the course of cooperation between the two parties.

According to reports, the total amount of non-oriented silicon steel purchased by Wolong Electric Drive from Baosteel Co., Ltd. in 2019 reached 123% of the agreed amount. Although this year was affected by the epidemic, the non-oriented silicon steel purchased from Baosteel Co., Ltd. from January to August has exceeded that of last year. Total. After Wolong and ZF set up a new energy automobile motor joint venture, the purchase of silicon steel for new energy automobile motors is expected to increase significantly. In addition, the overseas business cooperation between the two parties also has broad development prospects.


At the event, Chen Yanni, Vice Chairman and President of Wolong Holding Group, and Hu Yuliang, Deputy General Manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which was witnessed by the leaders of both parties and the main leaders of Shangyu District Government.



The two parties also have close ties in the field of research and development. According to the requirements of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties have jointly carried out the EVI cooperation (Early Vendor Involvement) of the design and manufacture of non-oriented silicon steel and electric motors, and jointly established and operated the "non-oriented silicon steel" Application Joint Laboratory". At the scene, Hu Shujing, assistant to the president of Wolong Global Research Center, and Shen Kanyi, deputy general manager of Baosteel's silicon steel division, jointly unveiled the joint laboratory .


At the ceremony site, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Special Motor Material Production and Application Demonstration Platform" project was officially launched. The main leaders participating in the meeting jointly empowered the project and opened a new chapter of cooperation! The project is led by Wolong Electric、 Baosteel and other enterprises and scientific research institutes form a new material special motor consortium to jointly undertake the project construction task and are committed to promoting China's special motor industry in energy efficiency, light weight, carbon emissions, and full life reliability,The operation and other indicators have reached the international first-class level, and the total project investment has reached 493 million yuan.



Zou Jixin, member of the Standing Committee of China Baowu Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Baosteel Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. Chairman Zou Jixin said that in 2019 , China Baowu continued to maintain its leading position in the industry and ranked 111th in the Fortune Global 500. Baosteel Co., Ltd. is the core company of China Baowu. As a multinational private enterprise with a global layout, Wolong has a good cooperation and deep friendship with Baosteel, and has many excellent experiences in global management that Baosteel can learn from. He emphasized that after the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties should earnestly implement the joint laboratory and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology joint project , strengthen the cooperation intention of silicon steel for electric motors of new energy vehicles, and further develop the two sides as customers and markets.


Chairman Chen Jiancheng said that Wolong’s strategic cooperation with Baosteel has been a wish for many years, which further strengthens Wolong’s strategic direction of “focusing on the motor and drive industry”. Wolong also looks forward to developing comprehensive cooperation with Baosteel in drives, motors and automation systems. , To provide Baosteel with full plant solutions and full worry-free services for motors and drive products. "In the future development, we will take mutual trust as the foundation, win-win as the goal, take projects as the carrier, deepen the upstream and downstream collaboration of the industrial chain, realize the integration and optimization of motor design and material application technology, and establish a classic model of industrial chain cooperation. '."


Jin Jinfu expressed his congratulations on behalf of the district party committee and the district government.He said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to build a new development pattern in which the domestic cycle is the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other. Wolong and Baosteel have reached a strategic partnership to build joint laboratories and jointly undertake national projects, fully demonstrating the wise choices that conform to the trend of the times and the responsibility to implement major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is hoped that the two parties will use this signing as a starting point to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in more and broader fields, and form a good development trend of complementary advantages, sharing of results, common market expansion, and win-win development. In the future, the district party committee and the district government will continue to take the initiative to provide enterprises with better and more accurate "shops and small two" services, so as to accumulate a steady stream of surging power for the economic and social development of the entire district.

At the end of the ceremony, Chairman Zou Jixin and Chairman Chen Jiancheng exchanged corporate souvenirs-the "Baosteel Bull" that turned waste into treasure and the "Shun Geng Elephant" from Shangyu, the source of celadon, to express the power and auspiciousness of bulls and elephants. To each other's sincere blessings and determination for mutual benefit, win-win and common development, commemorate the successful holding of this signing event. In the future, Wolong and Baosteel will further unify their thinking, increase mutual trust, and co-exist and win-win in the wave of global development in the post-epidemic era, and go hand in hand!