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Wolong provided the largest power motor for Zhejiang Petrochemical

Date | 2019.08.23

One week ago, the 23,000 kW motor matching catalytic device of the Zhejiang Petrochemical 40 million tons per year refining and chemical integration project, which was produced by Wolong Group, was successfully tested on the first try. It is the largest power motor within the project so far.


The motor’s maximum shaft vibration is 27um and the maximum vibration is 0.9mm/s. The running performance is higher than the national and industry standards, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Zhejiang Petrochemical project.

Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is the largest single refining and chemical company in China at present. The successful test of the motor marks another milestone in the cooperation between Wolong and refining and chemical industry. It also lays a solid foundation for Wolong to provide more power motors for large equipment companies.

The total scale of Zhejiang Petrochemical Project is 40 million tons per year of refining, 10.4 million tons per year of aromatics and 2.8 million tons per year of ethylene. And the total investment is about 24.5 billion dollars. The Project is currently the largest single-industry project in the world, and it is also the largest investment project of private companies in China so far.


Wolong has been providing high-efficiency solutions for the petrochemical industry for more than 40 years, from producing the first increased safety explosion-proof motor to undertaking several localization projects, and then to the development of first-class energy-efficient motor. Wolong has always adhered to the concept of common development with the petrochemical industry, and has been committed to providing green power for energy, chemical, metallurgical, rail transit and other industries.