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2019 Wolong Global Distributor Conference held in Shaoxing

Date | 2019.10.14


In order to promote the rapid landing of Wolong’s distribution strategy and the realizing of the “Global Motor NO.1” vision, Wolong Holding Group held the first Global Distributor Conference in Shaoxing from the October 12th to the 13th. Distributors from 34 countries and regions including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other countries were invited. Mr. Chen Jiancheng, Chairman of the Holding Group, Ms Chen Yanni, Vice Chairman and president of the Holding Group, Board Member Mr. Wang Jianqiao, Mr. Pang Xinyuan, Mr Li Ming, Mr. Zhou Jun, Mr. Wan Chuangqi, Mr. Gao Guanzhong, related management team of product groups, sales headquarters and Global Research Centre, major factory managers and leaders gathered to discuss the development plan for the future.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Chen Jiancheng, chairman of the Holding Group, delivered an important speech on the theme of “Aggressive Growth Partners, Building a Better Future”.


Mr. Chen Jiancheng:chairman of the Holding Group

Chairman Chen introduced the globalization process of Wolong and the development status of Wolong Electric for partners all over the world. He said that the growth of Wolong is inseparable from the long-term cooperation and full trust and support of the distributor partners. In today's increasingly fierce competition, distributors play a vital role in the stability and expansion of Wolong's business. In 2019, Wolong particularly emphasized the need to fully launch and carry out the distribution business, improve control system of the distribution business management, expand the coverage and breadth of marketing channels, and make full use of the advantages of multi-brand, multi-product and multi-production bases, moving forward to the direction of  “One-third of project customers, one-third of OEMs and one-third of distribution". While ensuring the continuous development of the project and the OEM, Wolong will develop the distribution business, and therefore truly form a stable triangle development statue.

He emphasized that the key to distribution is to recommend, find and cultivate high-quality distributors. The theme of the conference “Aggressive Growth Partners” is to express the core concept of developing distributors: transform the simple transaction-type relationship in the past into a partner-type relationship that seeks win-win in the future, and change the relationship from "You and Me" into "we", from "Oil and Water" into "Fish and Water", and realize the integrated business structure of benefit sharing.

Finally, Chairman Chen sincerely invited all guests to discuss with Wolong and jointly plan how to cooperate and win in a tough international and domestic economic environment, adhere to the market-oriented, consumer-centric, and build more ever-lasting community of interests in the broad marketing channels. He wished everyone and Wolong to become mutual aggressive growth partners and build a better future!


1984 was the "first year of China's modern company". Many entrepreneurs such as Zhang Ruimin, Liu Chuanzhi and Wang Shi started their business. It was also in that year that Chairman Chen started the business with other five partners. In the 35 years, Wolong people has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Harmony and Creativity” and keeping pace with the times and gradually developing into a leading enterprise in the global motor industry. “Three One-third” is based on Chairman Chen’s hope for the distribution business and clearly defines the cooperative partnership between Wolong and the distributors. As a company with dream, vision and warmth, Wolong sincerely hopes to work together with everyone to realize the Wolong Dream of "Global Motor NO.1" as soon as possible.

In order to help everyone better understand Wolong's products, the relevant managers in charge of Wolong Electric Group introduced the distributor strategy, product Roadmap and product category of each product group.


Mr Pang Xinyuan:Board Member of the Holding Group, General Manager of Wolong Electric Group, and President of International Sales Headquarters 

In order to thank the distributor partners for their support to Wolong, the conference provided awards to the distributors with outstanding sales performance in 2018, the excellent distributors with many years of cooperation, and the distributors with rapid sales growth in the previous years and great growth potential in the future.


Mr. Chen Jiancheng, Chairman of the Holding Group, awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award to the distributors with outstanding sales performance in 2018.


Mr. Pang Xinyuan, Board Member of the Holding Group, General Manager of Wolong Electric Group and President of International Sales Headquarters awarded the Loyal Cooperation Award to 10 distributors with many years of cooperation and outstanding performance.


Mr. Wan Chuangqi, Board Member of the Holding Group and President of Wolong Electric China Sales Headquarters awarded the Most Potential Award to distributors with the rapid growth of sales in 2018/19 and huge future growth potential.

Mr. Chen Youqing, General Manager of Beijing Degao Mechnical and Electric Co., Ltd., Mr. David Callender, President of NEMSCO, delivered speeches on behalf of domestic and international distributors respectively.



On the afternoon of October 12, domestic and foreign distributor partners organized sub-forums, and Mr. Dong Yanhua, vice president of International Sales Headquarters, and Mr. Li Qiang, assistant to president of China Sales Headquarters, hosted the forums. At the sub-forums, the relevant units introduced Wolong's Brook Crompton products, GE products, inverter products, ECM products, servo products, TEFC/generator products and OLI/electric spindle/EBIKE products. After that they answered questions on the important matters that the distributors care about.

On the evening of October 12th, the distributors had the Gala Dinner. Chairman Chen Jiancheng and Mr. Qian Xiaohua, the chairman of Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. jointly opened a jar of original wine. Chairman Chen invited everyone to toast for a better future. At the Gala Dinner, dancing, solo song, and instruments were performed.


On the morning of October 13th, the distributors came to the headquarters of Wolong Holding Group, visited the newly restructured product hall and gained a deeper understanding about Wolong's development through factory tours in the home appliance factory, Oli factory, industrial motor factory and EV business division.


On the afternoon of October 13th, distributors visited the China Yellow Wine Museum and the Central Wine Cellar of Shaoxing Yellow Wine Group to learn about the yellow wine culture and taste the unique charm of the ancient city Shaoxing.


After the two-day conference, distributors gained a deeper understanding of Shaoxing and Wolong. As a Chinese saying goes: “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.” Whether it is past, present or future, Wolong people always thank the country, thank customers, and thank the partners for their support and trust. Wolong will give full play to the strategic advantages of global layout, full industrial chain supply and full life cycle service, and continuously enhance the ability to create value for customers and continuously improve customer satisfaction. We are willing to work with distributor partners and make contributions for the country, society and industry. Let’s take this as a new starting point, lead the ship of Wolong, sail again from the shore of Jianhu to the wider world!