Family of Brands:
Product Features
Motor and drive unit core parameters
Input voltage range38.4 ~ 60 VDC
Rated voltage48 VDC
Rated current32 A
Rated input power1.5 kW
Rated speed1800 rpm
Maximum output power1.2 kW
Communication methodCAN2.0B
Protection and   monitoringOver temperature, over   current, over voltage, under voltage, overload, locked rotor, communication   failure.
Structure and installation
Overall structure and   shapeDucted propeller and aluminum alloy shroud
Installation and   fixationthreaded mounting holes
Propeller outer   diameter166 mm;
Outer diameter of   conduit176 mm
IP Motor and drive   unit--IP68
    Other units--IP67 
CoolingExternal natural cooling

Flowstar 1.5kW POD