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Product Features
System ModelWL-ESS-110kW/235kWh-0.4kV(IEC)WL-ESS-135kW/282kWh-0.48kV(UL)
Battery Cell TypeLFP/306Ah
Battery Capacity at DC Side (BOL)235kWh282kWh
Cooling MethodSmart Liquid Cooling
Max.THD of curretnt<3%(at  nominal    power)
IP LevelIP54
Compliance StandardIEC62477, IEC61000, UN38.3UL1741, IEEE1547:2018, UL1973, UL9540A, UN38.3
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Wolong's liquid cooling C&I ESS has high safety and reliability, great flexibility and scalability, and cost efficiency on installation and maintenance. The product is suitable for various applications such as energy shifting, peak shaving, emergency power supply, demand response and power quality improvement.

Safe and Reliable
1.No battery parallel connection for system safety 2.Multi-level protection to ensure circuit loop cutoff and isolation
Flexible and Scalable
1.Intelligent liquid cooling with higher energy density and balanced temperature 2.Modular design supporting multi-unit connection, easy for capacity expansion
Cost Efficient
1.All-in-one design, highly integrated for easy transportation and O&M 2.Fully pre-assembled, no battery module installation on site